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Following the Public Rules

遵守公共准则 Following the Public RulesWe need to follow all kinds of public rules, such as the manner rules and the traffic regulation. If we break the rules, then all the work will be out of order and everybody will suffer the loss. But few people jus
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The Real Equality

真正的平等 The Real EqualityMen and women have been advocated to be equal for a long time and a lot of great women have fought for the equal rights. The famous magazine put forward the People of the Year and women won this honor. The issue of equality
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The Power of Public Money

公众资金的力量 The Power of Public MoneyNowadays, with the development of Internet, people can get information very quickly. As a result, some poor people who is in great trouble find a way to get help. The public raises money to help them with the organ
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