Keep Pets, Keep Responsibility

养宠物就要有责任 Keep Pets, Keep Responsibility

Many young people trend to keep pets, who can treat the pet as their friends and don’t feel lonely. Pets are lovely and loyal to their masters. Many touching stories have been happening between animals and human being. When we keep pets, we have the duty to take care of them. 许多年轻人想要养宠物,他们可以把宠物当作他们的朋友,不会感到孤独。宠物是可爱的,忠于他们的主人,有许多感人的故事发生在动物和人类之间。当我们养宠物的时候,有义务照顾它们。

When we are watching touching stories among human being and animals in the screen, while cruel incidents are happening in the real life. It had been reported that some pets were abandoned by their owners because they did not want to raise these creatures anymore, so the fastest way to get rid of the pets was to leave them directly. The abandon behavior was criticized by the public, they felt sorry for these lovely animals and at the same time, they blamed the cold-blooded and irresponsible pet owners. 当我们在荧幕上看到人类和动物之间的感人故事时,而残酷的事件却在现实生活中不断发生。据报道,一些宠物因为主人不想养了而被抛弃,所以摆脱它们的最快的方法就是直接遗弃。遗弃的行为受到了公众的批评,他们对这些可爱的动物感到遗憾,同时,他们指责冷血和不负责任的宠物主人。

When we keep pets, we need to keep our responsility. Pets’ lives are as precious as our human being, so if we don’t want to keep them, at least we need to find someone to look after them instead of abandoning them. 我们养宠物时就要有相应的责任。宠物的生命和我们人类一样宝贵,如果我们不想养它们了,至少需要找到人照顾它们,而不是抛弃。

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