To Boycott Vulgar News


The popularity of Internet provides people very convenient way to scan instant news and get to know about the world. As most people read the information on the Internet, the media needs more attention, so they spread some exaggerating and untrue news. The public was called on to boycott it. 互联网的普及为人们提供了非常便捷的方法去浏览即时新闻,了解世界。由于大多数人都在互联网上查看消息,媒体需要更多的关注,所以他们传播一些夸大和不真实的新闻。公众呼吁抵制这些新闻。

As the saying that good things stay indoors while bad things will go far away. In order to cater for the public’s curiosity, the media like to report the news with some exaggerating headlines, when the readers scan the news they feel like being cheated. Or the media pastes the blooding picture to win more attention. These vulgar news has been criticized by the public and they ask for some action to ban it. 俗话说好事不出门,坏事传千里。为了满足公众的好奇心,媒体喜欢报道一些夸大的新闻头条,当读者浏览新闻时他们就感觉被骗了。或者有些媒体上传一些血淋淋的照片去赢得更多的关注。这些低俗新闻遭到了公众的批评,他们要求采取行动禁止此类现象。

The media should present positive news to the public, as so many teenagers are part of the readers and they are easily misled by the wrong value. To build a harmonious society, we need the right value to lead us and do the right thing. The media has the responsibility to present good value. 媒体应该向公众呈现积极的消息,因为许多青少年是其中的一部分读者,他们很容易受到错误价值观的误导。构建和谐社会,需要正确的价值观引导我们去做正确的事。媒体有责任呈现正面的价值观。

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