How to Maintain the Conservation Area

如何维护保护区 How to Maintain the Conservation Area

Panda is the national treasure because of its rare number and cute appearance. Many foreign people are so crazy about pandas and they can’t watching these lovely creatures all the time. Though some action has been taken to protect panda, how to maintain the conservation area needs everybody’s help. 熊猫因其稀少的数量和可爱的外型成为了国宝。许多外国人都喜欢熊猫,他们忍不住想要一直看着这些可爱的生物。尽管已经采取行动来保护熊猫,但是如何维护保护区需要每个人的努力。

In the early 1990s, panda had caught the world’s attention, because the scholars found that they were dying out, so they called for the government to protect these precious creatures. The most important thing was to return to the green, because many people cut the trees for making profits. The habitat was destroyed badly. Now part of the green has been recovered, but it is still long time task to maintain the conservation area. 在20世纪90年代早期,熊猫已经引起了全世界的注意,因为学者们发现它们正在面临灭绝,所以他们呼唤政府保护这些珍贵的动物。最重要的是要归还绿色,因为许多人为了获取利润砍伐树木。栖息地被破坏严重了。现在部分绿色得到了恢复,但仍然需要长时间去维护保护区。

The ordinary people also have the duty to make a contribution to protecting the animals and the conservation areas. For example, we should not throw rubbish away and call on people around us to pay attention to protect the environment. The small things we do will make a big difference in helping maintain the habitat. 普通人也有义务为保护动物和栖息地而贡献自己的一份力量。例如,我们不随地乱扔垃圾,号召我们周围的人注意保护环境。我们做的每一件小事对于维护栖息地都将产生很大的影响。

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