Chinese Actress Will Play Mulan

中国女演员扮演花木兰 Chinese Actress Will Play Mulan

In 1998, the Disney cartoon movie Mulan was very popular and won great profit around the world. Mulan is one of the successful examples of Chinese culture that recognized by the world. Disney decided to shot this classic movie again by real actor. The producers kept searching the best image around the world and finally they announced that Liu Yifei was the best choice. Not long ago, the Hollywood Asian actress accused the directors of depriving chances from Asian actors, and more and more celebrities supported the equal right of Asian actors. So this time, Disney company found the Chinese girl to play Mulan, instead of hiring famous Hollywood hot stars. The respect of culture surely will help Disney won more fans. We believe that only Chinese girl can play this classic role well, because Mulan presents the strong girl in China. 1998年,迪士尼卡通电影花木兰深受欢迎,在世界各地都取得了巨大利润。木兰是中国文化被世界接纳的成功例子之一。迪士尼决定使用真人演员再次拍摄这部经典电影。制片人一直在全世界寻找最合适的形象,最后他们宣布刘亦菲是最好的选择。就在不久前,好莱坞的亚裔女演员指责导演剥夺了亚洲演员的机会,越来越多的名人支持亚裔演员获得平等权利,所以这一次,迪斯尼公司使用中国女孩去扮演木兰,而不是雇佣好莱坞炙热的明星。尊重文化无疑将帮助迪斯尼赢得更多的粉丝。我们相信,只有中国女孩可以演绎好这个经典角色,因为木兰代表了坚强的中国女孩。

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