The Popularity of Square Dance

广场舞的流行 The Popularity of Square Dance

Square dance has been a part of Chinese culture. The retired women and men will take dance as regular exercise early in the morning or evening in the square. But the young generation doesn't take it as a cool thing, and they feel embarrassed to show up in the team. But in the foreign countries, the media speaks highly of the square dance. They think the old people are doing the great thing, they are enjoying life and the teams are so huge that they are going a good job in organizing work. When the rhythm of dance was presented in front of the young people from America. They thought it was cool and must be the dance in the night club. It turned out that square dance is cool and the young people should give some supports to the old people. 广场舞已经成为中国文化的一部分。退休的男性和女性会在清晨或晚上在广场上跳舞,作为常规的锻炼。但年轻一代并不把这当作一件很酷的事,他们觉得出现在其中就显得很难为情了。但在国外,媒体赞扬广场舞,他们认为老人在做着很棒的事情,在享受生活,队伍是如此的庞大,他们的组织工作做得很好。当音乐在美国年轻人面前响起时,他们觉得很酷,以为是在俱乐部的舞蹈。事实证明,广场舞蹈是很酷的,年轻人应该给老人们一些支持。

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