Artificial Intelligence

人工智能 Artificial Intelligence

Today, with the fast development of science and technology, the artificial intelligence has gone much further than people can imagine, such as the robot. Now the first robot is admitted to be a citizen, which scares so many people. Many scientists had predicted that someday robots would replace human being not only in physical work, but also in minds. How terrible it would be. It is said that scientists saw two robots discussing by creating a new language, then they decided to turn down the machine and made them stop working. They knew clearly the danger may happen in the future. Most people have thought about self-consciousness that robot may have some day, but scientists still have a lot of passion in searching the robots. They want to complete everything. But no one can make sure what they can bring for human being. 今天,随着科技的快速发展,人工智能比人们想象中走得更远,比如机器人。现在有了第一个成为公民的机器人,这让许多人感到恐慌。许多科学家预测,总有一天机器人将取代人类,不仅在体力劳动方面,还在思想上。这是多么可怕啊。据说科学家们看到了两个机器人通过创建新的语言在讨论,然后他们决定关掉机器,让它们停止工作。他们显然知道将来可能发生的危险。大多数人认为机器人将来可能会有自我意识,但科学家们仍然富含激情去探索机器人,完善所有的事情。但是没有人能确保他们可以为人类带来什么。

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