The Popularity of Online Virtual Characters

网络虚拟人物大受欢迎 The Popularity of Online Virtual Characters

Online games are very popular among teenagers. Some games bring the attractive plots and build dreams for these young people. As a result, some people are crazy about these virtual characters and treat them as the real exist persons. They spend a lot of time and money to support their imagination. 网络游戏在青少年中很受欢迎,一些具有引人入胜情节的游戏,给这些年轻人构建了梦想。所以,有些人喜欢这些虚拟人物,并把它们当作真实存在的人,花了大量时间和金钱来支撑他们的想象力。

Why people choose to make friends with the virtual characters? Maybe just because they live the unhappy life. They don,t have good communication between people around them or feel unsatisfied with life, so they find the comfort in the virtual world, where they can choose the one they like as their friends and don,t have to make any effort to keep communicate. 为什么人们选择与虚拟人物交朋友?大概是因为他们生活得不开心。他们与周围的人之间没有良好的沟通或对生活感到不满意,所以他们在虚拟世界里寻求安慰,在那里他们可以选择自己喜欢的人物作为自己的朋友,不用做出任何努力去进行沟通。

As the saying that no one is perfect, many people are picky about others, so they want to find the perfect one in the online games. They treat these online characters as the real persons, some crazy fans even spend a lot of money to celebrate the birthday. To accept imperfection is part of our lives, and the over involvement of the online games will do nothing good for us. 俗话说的人无完人,许多人都是对别人挑剔,所以他们想要在网络游戏中找到完美的目标。他们把网络人物当作是真实的人,一些疯狂的粉丝甚至花很多花钱给它们庆祝生日。接受不完美是我们人生中的一部分,过度参与网络游戏对我们是不利的。

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