A Good Listener

一个好的聆听者 A Good Listener

Most people enjoy the stage and getting applause from the audiences. Such as the successful persons, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and so on, no matter where they go, they receive respect and praise all the time. Successful people are everywhere, who have so many listeners, but for the ordinary people, who also need someone to talk to. When we are in bad mood, the best way to relieve negative emotion is to find someone to listen to our annoyance. If we keep the annoyance in our mind, we are easy to feel depressed all the time. The job of a listener is just to hear other people's babbling, and usually he doesn't need to be given many opinions. People seek comfort from another person, because they want to relieve all bad emotion. Being a good listener helps us to win more respect. 大多数人都享受舞台和来自观众的掌声。比如成功人士:比尔盖茨,史蒂夫•乔布斯等等,无论他们去到哪里,都可以得到尊重和赞美。成功的人到处都有,他们有很多的听众,但是对于普通人来说,他们也需要有人说说话。当我们心情不好时,缓解负面情绪的最好方法是找人倾听我们的烦恼,如果我们心中的烦恼无法排出去,就会很容易感到沮丧。一个聆听者的工作就是听别人说话,通常他不需要给太多的意见。人们从他人那里寻求安慰,因为他们想要缓解所有的不良情绪。作为一名好的倾听者,能够帮助我们赢得更多的尊重。

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