The Advantages of Telecommute

远程办公的好处 The Advantages of Telecommute

Nowadays, the technology develops so fast that people use advanced technology to facilitate their lives, such as communicating with their friends and families any time. Technology makes the world smaller and some people have advocated to work at home by computers because of the advantages. 如今,科技发展如此之快。人们使用先进的技术,方便他们的生活,比如与他们的朋友和家人保持联系。科技使世界变得更小,有些人因为电脑的众多优势而主张通过电脑在家里工作。

Firstly, it is flexible for people to do their stuffs. For the moms, they can take care of their babies while working at home. It is hard for career women to balance family issues and working stuff. If they work at home, they can manage their personal things and job. Men also can make a contribution to taking care of the family chores. 首先,人们可以灵活地做他们的事情。对于妈妈们来说,她们可以在家一边照顾孩子,一边工作。职业女性很难去平衡家庭和工作,如果她们在家工作,就可以处理个人和工作的事情。男性也可以在照顾家庭方面有所贡献。

Secondly, telecommuting can win more time for the workers and improve efficiency. Every day, people need to spend much time in the traffic, sometimes if the traffic is congested, they need to waste more time. So working at home can save the hours on traffic and focus their attention on work. 其次,远程办公可以给员工争取更多的时间、提高效率。每一天,人们都需要花很多时间在交通上面,有时如果交通拥挤,他们还要浪费更多的时间。在家工作可以节省在交通上的时间,将注意力集中在工作上。

In the future, Internet will go much further and telecommuting will be the mainstream. 在未来,互联网将走得更远,远程办公将会是主流。

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