Be More Patient

给予更多耐心 Be More Patient

Nowadays, more and more people choose to order food online, because they don't want to go out and at the same time they can enjoy some discounts. As a result, the take-away food deliver guys can be seen everywhere. Many inspiring stories have been happened among them. 如今,越来越多的人因为不想出门而选择在网上订购食品,同时他们也可以享受一些优惠。因此,外卖人员随处可见,他们之间也发生了许多激励人心的故事。

As the take-away food deliver is the new industry, so some disable people are given the chance to work on it. When the public sees these people fight for life, they are inspired, but some people hurt these people's feeling because of lacking of patience. It is said that a food deliver guy got a bad comment because the customers thought that he asked for money when he took out of a sign. When the media reported the news, they found that this guy was deaf-mute, so the company gave him a sign to ask the customer to remember giving feedbacks in time. If we gave more seconds to see the whole thing, then the misunderstanding will be reduced. 外卖是新兴行业,因此一些残疾人士得到了工作的机会。当公众看到这些人为生活奋斗,受到了鼓舞,但有些人却因为缺乏耐心而伤害这些人的感受。据说有一个送外卖的职工得到了不好的评论,因为那名员工拿出一个牌子时客户以为他要额外收钱。媒体报道了新闻后,他们发现这名人员是聋哑人,所以公司给了他一个牌子,提醒客户给予及时反馈。如果我们多点耐心来看待整个事情,那么误解就会减少很多。

Try to think about these special group of people. Their attitude to life deserves us to respect. 试着想想这么特殊的一群人。他们对生活的态度值得我们尊重。

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