The Power of Public Money

公众资金的力量 The Power of Public Money

Nowadays, with the development of Internet, people can get information very quickly. As a result, some poor people who is in great trouble find a way to get help. The public raises money to help them with the organization’s supervision. With the strong power of public money, some poor people’s life make a difference. 如今,随着网络的发展,人们可以快速获取信息,因此,有些陷入困境的穷人找到了获取帮助的方法。在组织的监督下利用公众筹集资金去帮助贫困的人。由于公共资金的强大力量,一些贫困人们的生活得到了很大的变化。

The media expose the difficult situation that some people face, such as these people get sick badly, then they provide their real information on the Internet, so the public trusts them and is willing to offer them little help. We are happy to see the positive side of the society. Most people show their mercy to others. The world gets warm because of help. 媒体曝光了一些人所面临的困境,比如有些人病得很严重,之后他们就在互联网上提供自己真实的信息,这样公众就会信任他们,愿意为他们提供一些小帮助。我们很高兴看到社会积极的一面。大部分人展示他们的怜悯之心。因为相互帮助,世界变得温暖。

The problem from children always concerns the public, people want to keep attention and donate money as much as they can. They feel sorry for these little angels. But sometimes the media let the kids expose to the public too much and disturb their life. The best situation for the kids to get help is to stay away from the media. At the same time, the organization supervise the money. 儿童问题总是受到公众的关注。人们想要保持关注,尽可能多的捐款。他们为这些小天使们的遭遇感到难过。但有时媒体向公众过多的报道儿童的情况会打扰到他们的生活。对孩子来说最好的情况就是让孩子远离媒体,同时,机构对善款进行监督。

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