Sharing is Caring

分享就是关爱 Sharing is Caring

Nowadays, many parents choose to send their children to study abroad, because everyone believes that foreign education takes the lead in the world. We can't deny the fact that education in the developed countries has many advantages, especially the idea of sharing is caring. The education pays special attention to the return of society. They aim to cultivate the students to be nice and considerate. The schools expects students to make a contribution to the world with what they have learned at school. The idea of sharing is caring calls for students to be the ones who care about others and are willing to offer help when someone is in need. The aim of education is to let students improve their talents and then find their places in the world. At the same time, they can make the world better with their skills. 如今,许多父母选择送孩子出国留学,因为大家都认为外国的教育是世界领先的。我们不能否认,教育在发达国家确实有很多优势,特别是分享就是关爱的理念。教育注重对社会的回报,他们的目标是培养为友好、考虑周到的学生。学校希望学生用他们在学校里学到的知识对世界做出贡献。分享就是关爱的理念要求学生关心他人,当别人需要的时候愿意提供帮助。教育的目的是让学生提高他们的才能,然后在世界上找到他们的位置,与此同时,他们用自己的技能让世界变得更美好。

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